Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines

A powerful creative approach and methodology to help you to create what you desire

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What are they? (Home)

The Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines provide a powerful approach for creating what you desire. They are based on the creativity perspective found in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity approach to creativity. However, these are stand alone guidelines. You do not need the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology to use them. All you need is one other individual of your choice to hold you accountable to your creative endeavor.

Intent of this website (Top)

The intent of this website is to introduce and provide free an opportunity to explore the Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines as a way to assist you in your creative endeavors.

Areas of Applicability (Top)

These Steps/Guidelines are applicable to any creative endeavor. They can be used to help you obtain objects and things but they are focused toward creating the space within your being to allow what is best described as your creative spirit to become free to create what you desire. They are most useful when you need to make an internal change to obtain what you desire. In this regard, these Creative Steps/Guidelines are most useful to recreate one or more aspects of your life that are no longer serving what you desire to experience.

A note on the concept of the creative spirit (Top)

This creative spirit, to which reference is made above, is not the same as the traditional concept of spirit as used in many spiritual and religious tradition. It should not be seen as such. Although similar, it is different in several significant ways. The concept of the creative spirit and its importance to your creative power and abilities is discussed on the “Our Creative Spirit” website at

Approach (Top)

Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines approach your creative endeavors in alignment with the proverb “Give an individual a fish, they eat for a day - teach them how to fish, and they eat for a life time.” In addition to helping you to obtain a specific desire, the approach seeks to use the desire you have as an example and as the occasion to learn how to release a sufficient portion of your creative spirit. It does so in a way that you can consciously access the necessary creative power and ability to create whatever you desire now and in the future. The Steps/Guidelines assist you in becoming creatively self sufficient and self empowered by assisting you to develop the ability to create any ability you need to create what you desire.

These Steps/Guidelines approach any creative endeavor much the way you would deal with an addiction, in particular, a thinking addiction. Within the Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines approach, we are perceived as being addicted to a way of thinking that no longer serves our creative needs. These Steps/Guidelines assist an individual in a way analogous to the way Twelve Step Programs help an individual addicted to an particular patter of life such as drinking, gambling, over eating, sex or whatever, to maintain sobriety. In the same way an addict seeks to recreate a life of sobriety within a Twelve Step program, the Fifteen Creativity Steps/Guidelines can be used to recreate any aspect of your life or whatever you desire.

Twelve Step association disclaimer (Top)

The Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines are NOT a Twelve Step Program and do not use the Twelve Steps on which Twelve Step Programs are based. As discussed under the topic "Occasion for Creating the Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines," the Twelve Steps were instrumental and the occasion for developing the Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines. If you compare the Twelve Steps and the Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines, you will see they are quite different.

Primary issue in accessing our creative power and ability (Top)

The primary issue we face in accessing our creative power and ability is our mind has formed response patterns to life to avoid pain and discomfort in life. Avoiding pain and discomfort of itself is not necessarily bad. The question is how we respond and why do we respond the way we do. It is these response patterns we formed in the past that ultimately become the issue when they don’t serve our current creative needs.

The primary issue arises from the fact that the creative process takes us into the unknown. Within the creative process, and hence in any creative endeavor, there is a chaos as aspects of the past are dismantled and/or destroyed to make room for the new creation to unfold. This chaos and destruction is inherent to the creative process and will occur to one degree or another, in one form or another. Overlay this chaos and destruction with the unknown and all of one’s worst fears can be projected into, or onto, the creative endeavor.

Rather than face the anxiety and discomfort that comes with this chaos and destruction, mind response to the anxiety by projecting habits of the past it has developed to numb, suppress or otherwise avoid anxiety and pain. In essence we respond to our creative endeavor with an addictive response as a result of how we think and believe based on our past which causes us to avoid what we need to face - the chaos and discomfort.

Additionally, rather than facing the unknown and this chaos directly, mind projects its past fears and memories of undesirable experiences on that unknown. So rather than face what we need to face, we end up battling an illusion based on past fears along with the response we use to avoid the anxiety we feel.

Using this material (Top)

These Guidelines have been found to be a very successful way of acting to create whatever one desired by those who have used them. They are applicable in one form or another for any creative endeavor you may undertake. You are free to use them in your personal creative endeavors however you wish. In applying them you will need to decide what must be done for each step Any guidance that is provided will need to be digested. That is, take what is give much the way you would take any food and use what is useful for your creative needs and throw the remainder away.

In using these Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines, it needs to be remembered, these are steps in the sense that the easiest way to address them is to do them in sequence. However, you can expect to spiral around revising earlier steps as you become aware of deeper issues that block the free flow of your creative energy.

They are Guidelines in the sense that you cannot necessarily expect to fully embrace all of them to the maximum extent possible. As guidelines they are something you strive to achieve. You should not judge yourself negatively if you cannot fully accomplish the steps based on your own, or someone else’s, expectation and/or opinion. All you can do is make the best effort you can on each. Your best effort is all that is required. Additionally, as guidelines, you can do them in any order that you wish.

Truth in labeling - disclaimer (Top)

Modern society encourages truth in all labeling and/or “up front” full disclosure on all products. It is encouraged so that the user can be aware of any hazards or side effects to any products that are used and/or prevent false advertising. It is to help ensure the user is not deceived or advantage taken of their lack of understanding or lack of appropriate information.

Although the Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines build on the creative insights provided by the Twelve Steps used in Twelve Step Programs, no claim is made about the effectiveness of these Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines in managing addictions and/or dealing with health issues although they can be helpful in those areas. The Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines are on based on a different perspective than that found in the healing professions and the Twelve Steps. Their focus is quite different.

These Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines are for your creative endeavors and creative needs. Most importantly, they are for what your are willing to take direct responsibility for creating. They should not be used as a substitute for, or in lieu of, any traditional and/or nontraditional healing modalities, counseling or therapy for your health needs. They can be used in conjunction with such healing practices and arts if your are willing to take responsibility for what you have, or are, creating in, and with, your life, including your health or lack of it. (More... on creating health)

The Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines (Top)

The Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines

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